Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Complicating Conversation

All of humankind's efforts, everything that we do, is directly or indirectly to escape death--to somehow live beyond the time given for us to occupy this physical space. I understand that this idea is neither original, nor very revolutionary, neither particularly enlightening, but here it is.

We want to be remembered-by someone, for something, after we cease to be. So we raise children, so that someone will carry our names, and our genes, and some broken part of us even when we are dead. We make friends, we marry, and we shun a solitary life, because we want somebody to be our witness-someone to see, and remember that we once were like so. We revere our dead, insist that we show them respect, and in some spaces, even pray to them, their death being qualifier enough for this reverence.

All media is there today because of this one primitive need of humankind-everything- TV, newspapers, radio, cinema, blogs- are in someway or the other ensuring that humankind is not forgotten. They all work to enforce this myth of immortality that we seemingly have achieved.

So we build elaborate discourses on how much we have progressed, how much distance we have covered since human memory stabilized. We are less concerned with where this distance covered leads us to, but we are hoping that it wouldn't be something as banal as extinction. The problem is, that we can only hope.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Minutes of Madness

If I write a message in a tired parchment,
and leave it in a bottle,
will you ever find it, and then,
take me back through the road that leads to today?

If I whisper into the storm,
will you leave a lantern out,
and keep the fire shining
with conversations half-finished?

And if I never say a thing,
will you still assume,
that I still don't care?

And if I scream,
will you ever hear,
the silence that is all around me?

And if you read this,
will you think,
that I'm drunk again?