Monday, September 11, 2006

Why Calvin & Hobbes Is My Fav

one of the many reasons actually...:) * if you're happy n u know clap your hands!*

Friday, September 08, 2006

Misery Loves Company, so does Anonymity

Acknowledgements: This post is inspired from this post by Tsu, and my subsequent reading of the book mentioned, and my coversations over the last few days with Certain Someone

Disclaimer: I was supposed to live upto my new found reputation as a gossip journalist, and use this space to slander Certain Someone's carefully created reputation. But well, I'm just feeling too deary to even be evil. *sigh*

Instead I thought I could theorise (is there a word like that?). Have you ever wondered what hurts the most? Saying something and wishing that you never had? Or saying nothing, and wishing that you had? Okay, profound lines. So naturally, not mine. I just found that on my boss'e desktop. But that's really not what I wanna talk bout today. It just came to me now thinking how Certain Someone just kept wishing that there was less talking involved over the last few days...*yeah...*

I read someplace looong back that it's easier for us to trust a complete stranger because they have never betrayed us. Or was it let us down? Whatever. But y? Y is that we hide so much from the people we claim to love? We are ready to share that part of our selves, which we so carefully guard from all our friends, with relative strangers. I know I've done it quite a lot.

Maybe its because, with strangers we have nothing to protect. They come from oblivion, be in our lives for a chasm of a second, and then fade away to oblivion again. In that micro minute in our lives, and theirs, there's no time to measure up or pass value judgements. There's just time for two human beings to meet. And somehow, in the safety net of that the partial annonymity (I say partial, because the net doesn't really provide, you the complete anonymity that you think it does. This I realised when a smark geek managed to find out quite a bit bout me, including where I went to school, without too much so he says) we feel secure enough to let our guard down. We don't try to impress that nameless, faceless entity (I'm excluding people who are searching for prospective brides, sitting in "gelf", or losers looking for long distance sex). We can be what we want to be...swim-suit model, intellectual snob, struggling copywrite. We can be what we are, and not have to be made feel guilty about it. Afterall, who is a stranger to judge us?

Honestly, I find nothing wrong with it. It takes your mind of reality for a bit. Or does it actually face you to reality? If it allowes you to give it a rest with everyday acting, put that mask of being proper, and being a winner all the time, for a bit, then y not? But sometimes the lines blurr...what some strangers refuse to fade away into that blackhole. What then?