Friday, March 31, 2006

Looking back to where it all began

My second post....rather my first real post. These days I seem to be spending quite a bit of time refreshing it while filling those endless scrap books, or finding my old school community in orkut, or actually visiting that old school when I went home. So thought will do that here too...well, plus that also hides the fact that I just too lazy to post...

"I thought I'd start with me. i'm...well...confused! clueless more precisely! there was a time,not so long ago when i thought that i knew who i'm. and then life took over! life, for some inexplicable reason decided that enough was enough, n i, this teeny tiny(well, not SO tiny perhaps!) being in this big bad world, should not be allowed to have such huge misconceptions about myself. so it (i'll settle for 3rd person, coz i'm not sure if life's gal or a guy) made my "higher mental processes" in motion...that's just a fancy way of saying that i started pondering over things (well my dear close friends call it "brooding over nonsense" n "thinking too much" n other such less flattering names, but lets not get into that right now). and THEN i realised that there is a hell lot that i dont know bout myself. i thought i was a pretty mature person, but then why do my feelings seem so trivial and kiddish at times? i thought i was strong, but then how come i get so easily hurt at times? how can i be friends who, are not only totally different from me, but are opposites to each other too? how can i hate mush in real life, but still enjoy romantic comedies? hell i didnt even know what my fav colour was! (ahem...i still can't make up my mind on that!!!)...since then i've been always trying to figure me out...well without much success, fortunately or unfortunately!

anyways, it's been kinda fun being me though! have had a pretty decent life so i can tell u the basics. was born to malayalee parents, which makes me a keralite...n for a good nine years of my life i was in gud ol' kerala. but in 4 diff cities though. my dad has a transferable job, so every three years we all(that's me, my dad, my ma, n a bro) pack our bags n hopp to the next place that becokns. this kind of a gypsy's life suited me. we got to see, n learn a lot of things that people who are permanently rooted in a place miss out on...diffrent people, different cultures, n blah like that. but cant say it come without a price...i've no sense of stability in life, in the sense, there is no place that i call home, coz that has always changed, before i could make any permanent affections. home's just where my folks are, n that's gud enough for me actually.

well, schools...went to KVs mostly, then a brief 2 years in a public school in delhi, n nw in college, doing what i wanted to do since i was 8 years old...journalism. n here again is the catch. i fought with my whole clan, who like all gud mallus believe that engineering n medicine are the only decent profession for any kid to take up, to get into journalism. n now, after 2 n a half years, i'm not sure! can u beat that?well, i knw for sure that i wanna be a part for this huge world of media, but am i ready to take on the cynicism that is part an parcel, n these days the main component of journalism? dunno...well i've another 6 months to decide. n well, there is still hope! that, think is enough bout me in a post. even i cant take too much of me so there!

cheers to life(u see, beyond the confusion n crap, i still love IT! ;)

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Well, that was 8 months ago...not much has changed now either. I'm still clueless about me, n well...still completely in love with life! So much for old memories!! :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Think bout it

Not my words. But it's one of the most basic truths of life. And as most basic truths go, the most difficult to accept.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

U Know U Re In Kerala When....

This post is dedicated entriely to the good old God's own country. N my own state!!!
It's actually pretty easy to figure out when u reach Kerala. I mean, other than that u'll see green all around. Few pointers though. Non-mallus please excuse. Mallus, please dont beat me up!!!

U Know U Re In Kerala When...

U see all the chetas n ungles on the road wearing their shirts tucked out, full sleeves, unfailingly (is that a real word???) folded up, regardless of whether they are wearing trousers or gud ol' mundu

All chechies n aundies with hair shining black with coconut oil, n a gold chain around their neck

Compound walls of all houses will carry painted advertisements, or the words "evide parasiyam pathikeruthe"- "stick no bills"

Every house, regardless of the size, will have one maavu, one thengu, n if possibel one plaavu

Every other house will have the roof made of oodu (mangalore tiles, i think!!). The modern ones, will have a cemented roof, with oodu fixed on top...chumma oru ethinic style ;)

Every second hoadring on the road will advertise some jewellery shop "Bhima Gold, Pure Gold"

There will be more bakeries, sorry, "bakers" than medical stores.

Shops will have names like Vee Tee, n Kay Bee, Jay Yem. (seriously!!!)

There will be more private buses on the road than KSRTC ones, And every single one of them will be lovingly christened "Robin" or "Shlimar" or "Gurudeva", or if u re in Cochin- Kottayam side, it will be "St.George", "St.Jude", "St.Joeseph".

Oh well, guess thats what makes this place so damn special!
No place like home!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2006


I'm bored! I'm bored! I'm lazy! I'm lazy AND bored!!
Man! I'm going nuts here!!!
Got nothing to do, but too lazy to post nething new. So well, am reposting my old ones.
This ought to be depths of boredome.
Archemedies (wonder if that's really hw the dude spells his name...newayz he's been happy n dead for quite a bit nw so I guess I can effectively rule out the risk of getting sued! ;)) hit upon his most insightful insight wen he was lying, stark naked in his lovely bathtub. He was so overjoyed by this discovery that he had no time to remember more mundane things like cloths n stuff, as he ran through the beautiful streets of ancient Greece (or was it Rome?? Lord I NEED to brush up my history...or is it science?? watever...gk man!!! but I do think it was Greece), shouting, "Eureka!Eureka!", all the while being happily naked. The then citizens of Greece (Rome?) musta thought that watever was it that Sir Archemedies eurekaed, it most definitely was not his cloths.

But not to go off track, ever wondered it were possible, that there actually could be a reason for him hitting on the mighty insight wen he was exactly where he the bathroom? Now if u're done laughing at the idea, take a minute to think, where u hit on ur brightest ideas? (that's, of course, assuming that, u do hit upon bright ideas). Think think. I'm sure now that smirk on ur face is swalpa fading.

I asked this question to a bunch of my friends. Couple of them gave quite vague answers like, 'no place in particular' n 'I dont think'. One soul even went as far as his house down in Kerala, among the paddy fields, under some mango tree or some. But most responses were, 'in the shower', 'the bathroom' or 'on top of u-can-guess-what' (for the dunces who didnt get it, it begins with a p n ends with a y, n has one 0 n 2 ts in between).

I, for one, can admit without a mearest trace of doubt that most of my AHA experiences (nw if u dont knw wat an AHA experience is, refer to 'Understanding Psychology', edition 4, chapter 8, page 268), either wen I was in the shower or wen I'm attending one of nature's early morning calls. So, is it all a mear coincidence that all our flash bulb moments happen in the hidden walls of the bathroom or did God actually give us that place to explore n exercise much more that our bowels n our vocal chords (for singing I mean)?

Maybe the reason lies in the fact that the loo is the only place, in the whole grand world, where u go completely n truely alone. I mean u sure do not want someone staring at u while u go about the merry business of emptying ur system. The there maybe people who wouldnt mind company, but thats a COMPLETELY diffrent story altogether, so we shalt jst ignore tat tiny hitch for now. So, wat u get it is TOTAL n uninterupted privacy, so that ur toughts can flow daintily as a river. Unless u've an irritating sibling or a roomie whose digestive clock works in perfect tandom with urs, in which case u've loud bangs on the door accompanied by rude n unflattering threats.

N its also the only time wen u're stripped bare of all ur masks that come with the business of living, the only time wen u dont ve to act all proper proper n dignified n grown-uppish. The only time u can be jst YOU. N no one's gonna hold it against u. Or judge u.
So is it a big wonder,that u can reason clearly, understand things that u never considered before, wen u re stripped bare (quite literally!) of the layers of pretensions of everyday life?Maybe the warmth of a shower, that cleases u off the dirt n muck, clears ur mind too off the clutter, n takes with it all the stress n fatigue down the drain, leaving ur grey cells refreshed. So next time it feels all confused n muddled up in ur upper storey , just go take that shower!

Ms.Know- it- all said: Nature's calling! Where re u??? Cheers!