Friday, September 26, 2008

Life' s a Neurotic Bitch With OCD Issues

Okay. Here's the deal. I'm tired of whining. I'm tired of complaining that nothing is going right. Well, it isn't but heck, life's gotta be a bitch once in a while to feel nice about itself. Sure things are bad, sure people are idiots, sure things could be better, but things will be the way they will be, and people will come around, and see sense, sooner or later.

I have three assignments to submit beginning of next week, each of which require me to read up at least some 500 pages of stuff, and I have not even started. So what am I doing about it? Reading comics online, and blogging. Man, I can't complain now, can I?

This campus can get to your nerves real bad, but I figured I'm stuck here for another six months, so might as well accept the bloody place and move on with my happiness. So I'm taking Lash's advice [I'll probably live to regret admitting this, but well!]

Even if that light at the end of the tunnel is a train, it means end of the darkness, one way or the other. So.

I'm back to sarcasm and permanent poke-fun-at-others-so-that-you-can-feel-nice-about-self bitchiness.

Just so that you know. Cheers!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm Not Back From the Dead. Yet...

I'm writing after some 4 odd months. That's the longest I have not written since I got this blog going. Sheesh. This feels so weird...not getting back to writing, that's the only thing that has ever been normal for me, but this whole can't write-won't write thing.

It has been one of the weirdest four months of my life. I was at home for three months between May and July. Came back to campus beginning of August, and it has been one thing after the other.

I'm not sure I have ever felt this...I don't even know what to call this feeling...disturbed? unhappy? I wouldn't really call it sad, because there is no sorrow to speak of...only this perpetual lack of joy. And since I always considered myself an essential optimist, these past few weeks, were I guess particularly difficult. I often complained of being stuck in a kind of limbo where nothing much happens...the past few weeks has been just the opposite. There has been LOTS that's happening, everyday there is something new.

So I should be happy right? Then why am I so deeply not? Maybe because even with all this happening, there hardly has been anything to look forward to...the there-is-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-but-it's-a-train kind of situation. Only it doesn't sound so funny, when it actually happens to you.

Try as I might, I cannot like this place, with pseudo-liberal, pseudo-modern atmosphere. As an academic space, this is perhaps the most double-faced environment that I can imagine. But then, maybe all academic spaces are like that? But it still does not cease to amaze me how people can say one thing, while meaning something completely different. Guess what I miss is a certain purity of purpose.

I know what my more "academically inclined" friends would tell me now. That there is nothing called purity of purpose. That it is just a romantic construct, that is at best wishful and at worst delusional. Somehow, I still cannot quite agree. Maybe it is that optimist-at-heart thing again.

The long and short of it has been that I cannot imagine the last time I was truly happy, or the last time I laughed a wholehearted, carefree laugh, or the last time I felt honest, or true.

It's murky. It all murky. And I'm stuck right at the center of it.