Sunday, October 01, 2006

I have a Weekend!

Hmmm...been a while.
So the updates, first.

I changed jobs. I realised that I was getting no where with my last one. And that when I decided to work in a place where I knew everyone, it was, actually a mistake. Sigh! Further, I also realise that as much as I enjoy event management, I HAVE to write. I can't be happy when I'm not. So!
Clarity, or some semblance of it, at last. Bottomline? I quit.

Now my boss doesn't open the door for me in the morn. Neither does he take us out drinking. And we don't discuss books and weird looking clients. But then, my work is more focused. I'm on my toes most of the time. I'm learning something COMPLETELY new. And if my work is bad, I'm told that it needs to improve. If its good, I'm told that too.
Bottomline? I'm happy that my professional life, is well, becoming professional.

There are 5 gals(including me) at work. And 8 guys. No one to drool about. One new guy joined the other day...sorta cute. You should have seen the socialising in the pantry that day. Sheesh ladies! Do we HAVE to be THAT obvious???? :D
Bottomline? In the land of blind, the one eyed man gets all the attention!

My super boss, I realised, does have a sense of humour. He's not your regular howdy-folks-how u-doing-this- morn kinda boss. But well, when I'm rushing to updates the day's features on the website at 9.30 in the night (my first regular day, I take that long to finish. The only people left in the office are me, the chief ed, n deputy ed), he thinks it important to ask me how I'm finding the work, and if I'm enjoying it.
Bottomline? If you work late, your boss warms up to you

At the end of the day, my friend asked me of I'm enjoying the new place. And without really thinking, I say I've not made up my mind. Which I think is true. It's not a bad place to work. My collegues, though not over friendly, are sweet enough to help, whenever I need it. My editors are supportive, and patient. I do enjoy the pressure to perform, the busy work hours. And having the weekends to myself. Do I miss the old place? To be honest, no. In many ways, I'm glad. But do I love the new place? To be honest, no. I like it, yes, love it, no. Is that ok? Yes.

Bottomline? I'm happy. At peace with myself.
Cheers! :)