Friday, October 07, 2005

i'm just fuming rite now!i just checked my mail n i've this mail from some guy who says he found my inbox open wen he tried to sigh in into yahoo.he found some "beautiful messages" in it apparently so he took the liberty of forwarding them to himself! n then he has the audacity to say that i should be extremely careful while signing out, because otherwise it fall in the wrong hands! the nerve of the jerk! ok, he found my inbox open, he could ve jst signed out cldnt he? i mean how difficult is to click that tiny link man? but no, he has to go through all my mails! n then send me a mail saying i should be careful! ok i admire his honesty atleast, but i'm fiearcly protective of what i call my private space, n my mails, my letters, n my journal top that. the fact that some creep actually had the access to some of my most personal communications, just sends shivers down my spine. i'm usually extremely cautious while signing off, but dunno how the slip happened.
it makes me wonder...there are so many things that one just takes for granted in life, right? i mean, u assume that because u work n think in a certain way others would too. because u think another person's personal space is sacred, n something to be respected, u'd think that the world ll do the same too. but the fact is that, well this world is filled with as many sickos as with decent people. i'm not attributing that this guy is a sicko...well he didnt misuse my id (well i sure as hell hope he didnt!!!!) , but he's definitely for whom matters like privacy, n individuality, mean zilch. he did what he did with a carelss disregard for me as a person. n that infuriates me. sure i'm an unknown face for him, but that doesn't make me any less a person. n that doesnt giv him the right to invade my privacy.


Tsu said...

suckerzzz.... now u kno hw celebs feel but damn they get paid for all tht crap!!

Anonymous said...

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