Sunday, November 12, 2006

Google Has Me All Figured Out

Googlism for: sneha
sneha is open from 8 ( commens)
sneha is a voluntary organisation that values human life and feelings
sneha is bitch (shit!you are NOT supposed to say that in public!Damn Google!)
sneha is the great actor (yep, they offered me the Oscar this year. But I said, no!)
sneha is an organization for women of south asian origin and their families (ummm....)
sneha is continuing to fundraise and network within the community( I need money people!!!)
sneha is distrusted by (ah well! The list won't fit in here)
sneha is really cute in this role (as always baby!)
sneha is located at 1214 apollo way (now you know my name, AND my address)
sneha is concentrating among the slum dwellers of khurbura (I such goodness)
sneha is his daughter (My daddy, strongest)
sneha is sure to bag one ( Uh huh!)
sneha is the hottest name (so it really is not the weather)
sneha is wasted and has little to do (yeah, they banned gmail and orkut in office, you see!)
sneha is a registered charity with igive (josh, I am SUCH goodness)
sneha is consistantly represented at the new york metro reptile expo (yep I'm a hit with the kids too)
sneha is going to work with vijay (he kept begging me man! What to do?)
sneha is ready (as alwyas)
sneha is a hindi word meaning 'love' or 'affection' (there's something you didn't know)
sneha is miffed with vikram (oh he's such an irritating prick man!!)
sneha is already married to anand (we are getting a divorce, don't worry)
sneha is simply superb in her looks and acting (blush, blush)
sneha is intrinsically a money (who never has any)
sneha is deeply in love with mr (your guess is as good as mine! Sign!)
sneha is the daughter of the landlord ( ha!I'm rich!)
sneha is their pride (gosh!)
sneha is extremely cute and equally impressive with her acting (gosh people, shy coming, shy coming)
sneha is very pretty and preetha fares well (yeah she's passable too)
sneha is a physician who is doing her residency in internal medicine at st (I am beauty AND brains, yeah baby, I rock!)
sneha is
sneha is able to bag more and more decent characters (there are so hard to get man)
sneha is now helping to set up the first survivor support groups in india (didn't I tell you I was goodness?)
sneha is the project coordinator of the u (sorry that's classified information)
sneha is working (or trying to)
sneha is missing (since 1999)
sneha is cast as the heroine opposite prashanth (ummmm....things you gotta do to make a living)
sneha is a brilliant researcher and clinician originally hailing from mysore (Intelligence, see?)
sneha is spending the year working with kids as part of an americorps program called city year
sneha is in hospital following a car accident on her way to tirupathi (yeah I'm critical. Dunno if I'll survive.)
sneha is beautiful but has to go a long way before she can be recognized as a good actress (oh yeah??YOU do it then!)
sneha is ugly is so stupid
sneha is ugly and srikanth is a cutie a (yeah, I'm fat and mean too)
sneha is a beautiful south indian actress (okay, enough!)
sneha is her beautiful self but it takes some time to get used to the voice that has dubbed for her (People like the natural me)
sneha is the heart
sneha is responsible for cleaning up litter on a stretch of highway (sigh, like I said, things we do for work)
sneha is helped by her friend janaki who also hates men (The operative word being ALSO)
sneha is the only suicide
sneha is in love with abbas but her marriage is fixed with someone else against her wishes (life's a bitch ain't it)
sneha is refreshing
sneha is the hottest name in the tamil film industry (okay, this DOES it)
sneha is proving herself to be one of those actresses who can carry any role with ease
sneha is
sneha is tharun's pair and preetha vijayakumar is paired with amsavardhan
sneha is a sophomore at nnhs
sneha is studying in chennai's amm school
sneha is very touched by these gestures (P.S. don't ask me where)
sneha is to provide utklesha
sneha is now under the gloom of self (now I am a depressed maniac)
sneha is enjoying herself (right now, yeah I am!)
sneha is seven months old (I am a wee li'l child)
sneha is playing opposite prashant and this is her first film
sneha is on the 2nd spot with 4
sneha is a cooperative society providing micro finance services in the rural and semi urban areas of ranga reddy district in andhra pradesh
sneha is preferred medicated (this, ladies and gentlemen is my favourite of the lot)
sneha is kept in a clean container at a place safe from cold and humidity (er...creepy)
sneha is affiliated to befrienders international (absolutely no comments)
sneha is again of two types (!)
sneha is oil (!!)
sneha is led by a team of experienced and skilled individuals
sneha is indeed in her prime now (er.......)
sneha is over ( I refuse to accept that)
sneha is vice (Yeah, I am Evil)
sneha is a sophomore here at northwestern university majoring in biology
sneha is yet to be released (er.....)
sneha is the hottest name in the tamil film (old news)

Okay people, now you know my name, my address, and everything about me. I opened my heart to you, handle with care!(God, what a cheesy line)


pRicky said...


Tsu said...

gosh i was laughing thru out the post... "sneha is crazy" .. i am actually planning to google ure name and see.. maybe google earth??? earth calling sneha where are u??? its me baby!!!a wee lil one!

lash said...

yea i checked with Lash. some interesting things came up..

vikram vijay anand pretty much sums up the story and to add to that you are in love with some Mr.moron.

well... net never lies!

Arun Pillai said...

Google giving all these ? Gosh
Looks like time has come for us to rely on someother search engine.Huh

moontalk said...

@ pricky
and to u!

@ tsu
tee hee...yeah u won't be the first idiot to look me up in google earth.there are people who have "seen me standing in the madiwala bus stop" on google earth :D

@ lash
wat do u care :P

@ arun
no dude, u can shift, but google aint the numero uno search engine for nothing u see...they have all the pertinent information

Arun Pillai said...

Ohh it it ?
Sigh .. can't really know how this computers work and produce these results ;)