Tuesday, November 27, 2007

For the Sheer Non-Dual Joy of Non-Sense

I feel compelled to write. I dunno if this the call from the higher order random crappiness or sheer lack of sleep, I feel this annoying itch to write.

Readers kindly note, that the itch is to write. NOT to make sense. So if you are expecting profoundness here, thou art to be grossly dissappointed and annoyingly bored.

I feel I need to make a case for being zonked. It's a good state of being. I mean, you can walk around bumping into radom stuff that pops up on the road, like trees for instance, and not feel stupid. When you've been running on coffee and denial for two weeks, that's a darn good state of being.

Now I feel accomplished that I managed to write five lines of absolute non-sense. You may now move to find worthier stuff to waste your time with.

The itch, my friend, now stands scratched.


Anonymous said...

thats what!

why dont you change your blog title to 'itch guard'..??

Tsu said...

I hope the itch was satisfied!! I wonder whether the itch was to write nonsense or jus write!!! :0
@lash: thats a thought!!! :)

Me Thinks.. said...

i think u wrote the post only for the last line which u have totally fallen for!

Blindfolded said...


Prude said...

jeez ur working a bit too hard I think...time for the next holiday!

Id it is said...

The 'itch to bitch' is something I've heard before; the 'itch to scratch' is a new one though.

crumbs said...

@ lash

oh ha ha

@ tsu

do I write sense otherwise??gee,thanks! ;)

@me thinks

no clue what you're talking 'bout



@ prude

Already there...the holiday I mean. See, I do take good advice seriously!

@ id

tee hee, yep! I like to do my bit

Anonymous said...

Wanna grab some chai lover?

crumbs said...

@ dan

anytime. I miss the chai, and I miss the intellectual gossip :(