Thursday, July 02, 2009

Between the two of us

"You know this won't work. This thing, between us. I love you, but it won't work"

"Stop repeating the same thing. I know it won't work. I know there is no future for us, and yes, I know that both of us have too much baggage. But you know what? That still does not change anything for me. I love you. I don't have anything to do with your past, and I know I can have no part of your future. But what we have today, I want that to be mine. Is that asking for too much?"


"Listen...we have to talk..."

"You are leaving"


"But why? I told you I forgave you! You cheated on me, but I still forgave you. I took you back, and now..."

"That's just it! You forgave me. You didn't get angry, you didn't shout. You cried your quite tears, and then decided to forgive me. I can't live with that. I can't look into your eyes and see all that hurt and broken trust...if I stay, it will drive me insane"

"You saw the hurt and broken trust...but apparently you can't see the love that is still there"

"That's the problem, I will never feel whole again"


"This has to stop"

"I know"

"We can't keep doing this, to us, to the people who love us. They, at least, deserve better."

"But what about us? Don't we deserve to live this love?"

"We should have thought of that 2 years ago...before we got married"

"But I still love you"

"I know. But we can't keep meeting once a year like this for the sex and the realization of how incomplete and broken our lives really are. We are now parts of two different wholes..."

"I wish..."

" do I."


"So you've made up your mind about this"

"Yes. I have"

"But why him?"

"Because I see a future with him, damn it!"

"Yeah, a future. Something you never saw with me"

"We've been through this before. I like you. I really do. I may even be in love with you. But we'll never work out. We're too alike, too unstable"

"Yeah, and that similarity was enough to give us one night, but not half a chance at a lifetime together, huh?"

"There are other things--things like, stability, like balance, compatibility..."

"Yeah...fuck that too."


I wanted to write this as a he-said-she-said kind of a thing, but when I actually started writing, it made more sense this way. This, in a very rudimentary and crude way, is my first attempt at fiction. While there may be liberal influence of reality (and not always just my reality), no one thing is based on any one real event. Any inference or similarity, may or may not be intentional, but will always remain anonymous ;)

You may now proceed to pass judgment. Or leave comment. Or not. Whatever. (appears not to care by whistling to nothingness in a nonchalant-ish fashion, while hiding her crossed fingers underneath her table)


Tsu said...

Love it!! the situations seems very plausible!! :) short and hot!
fuck that too.. hehe (nicely placed!!!)

Anonymous said...

okay let me break the anonymity..

the "she" in this story is radha - wife of krishna and the "he-1" is david from goa and "he-2" is kattabomman from coimbatore..

makes for a short film.. a jim jarmusch coffe & conversations isshtyle..

crumbs said...

@ Tsu

thanks :D

@ Lash

I am glad SOMEONE got it right :P
You can have the script, if you want to make the film :D

priyadutta said...

i like that too..for someone who is extremely choosy while reading well..this was just great..reminded me of KANK..was that the inspiration????? :P

crumbs said...

@ priyadutta

no no no no no.

crumbs said...

@ priyadutta

seems i can't access your blog.