Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Well oh well! Life can be funny at times. Well, most of the times actually. In Jan, my very old friend came down with chicken pox. Just a day before she was supposed to join for a much awaited job. Preventive medicines. Dose 1. Last months my brother came down with chicken pox. Just a day before he was going back to Mumbai after a break, n extended leave form office. Preventive medicine. Dose 2 AND 3. This month I came down with chicken pox. A day after I tried to book tickets to come home for Vishu. Brilliant!

Well, not much harm done though. Perfect timing actually. My pracs start on the 26th. If this had hit a week later, I'd have been in serious trouble. I went to Ooty 3 days before. Had it hit me those 3 days ago, a lot people would have been in serious trouble.

Getting sick, beyond some common cold, can actaully be quite an experience. Getting chicken pox sure makes u appreciate the little, n not very often noticed joys of life. Like the smell of soap n water on ur skin for instance. Or the freedom to go anyplace, talk to anyone. Or having paani puri with friends.

It makes u appreciate the people around u. The fact that it never occured to ur parents that ur falling sick spoilt their Vishu. Instead, they were just happy that, u were there at home with them...chicken pox and all. And that ur bro, tried to immitate, n fail spectacularly, ur chicken act that u did to tease him wen he was down with it, whenever he called. N that he called twice a day, n told ur mother to put rakthachandanam(red sandelwood?) with honey, to remove the marks-which apparently worked for his friend(!).

It makes u really really glad, that ur friends came to see u, take a long detour, from their way home after a tiring day at work. That they came out of their hostel, in the nite to see u off. Or that they call, to laugh at u for so long that u really give up and laugh with them at ur "sad plight" :)

I used to always boast/complain that I've never really had a serious diesease. All I used to get was irritatingly common colds, fevers, n endless headaches. Life's funny at times. Infact, most of the times. So is chicken pox. :)


clash said...

Totally chickened out?? :)-

Thanu said...

I got chicken pox as a kid I missed not playing with my friends. But I still rememeber how my mom took care of me, staying up all night and taking care of me so I could get some sleep.

Thanu said...

hey, I'm blogrolling you.

flyaway mind said...

never been down with chicken pox.. sometimes, i feel minor illness is all welcome due to the extra attention & special care you are showered with :-))) ya.. i can live with it..anyway ,get well soon..

moontalk said...

yes, compeletely! ;0
i knw, moms ve this unending store of enegry for their kids...thank god for that :)
@flyaway mind
i got well...real soon thanks to all the extra attention i got :)

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Me Thinks.. said...

chick!! en pox!! glad you got it! i got it in the sixth.. something to be proud of!