Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sleep and Sensibility!

A tale of love, booze n Prince Charming!

We went to Ooty this weekend. We, being 8 of us. Well it ought to have been the mother of all unplanned trips. I didn’t even know that I’d be going till Thursday night, and on Friday night, we were already off! We almost went to Koorge, but eventually landed up in Ooty anyways. But well, this post is not to describe how unplanned, but good this trip was. Or how beautiful that place was. This post is dedicated to something that has always intrigued me, ever since I had my first meeting with them- Well, relationships.

I certainly wouldn’t qualify as a relationship expert. N no, I certainly am not trying to give love advice ( Who would, after having such disastrous experiences experimenting with it). I have never been in a serious relationship. My only claim to that realm, is a hardly 2 months long thing…which well, I still am not too sure how to describe in a “relationshipically correct” way. I knew, when it began that it would never get any where. While it lasted I was happy. When it ended I was still happy. I’m glad it ended when it did. And I’m glad we still could remain friends after that. At least for sometime.

But then that’s not the point either. I’ve never been in a so called serious relationship, but I know many people, who are, n many who claim to be. But one thing that’s always interesting to watch is, the way people act, when they are trying to head towards one. The phase, when people tell their friends, “he’s just a friend”, “we hardly know each other, but she definitely is different from the other gals”, “I dunno where this is headed” n blah.

Now if u are wondering what connection this has with Ooty, then let me explain. Well, on Saturday night, after the whole day of sight seeing, all of us returned home, tired n sleepy. The gals (that’s me n Theoti), and a couple of guys, where jus wanted to hit the sack. Couple of other guys, (that’s Eiffel tower, Mr. Would-Be Considerate (WBC), n our dear BOA) had plans to drink. In the end, all of us, except for A Cheta, decided to stay awake for a bit. After a while, the talk somehow steered towards relationships. Guess it was the booze for them n lack of sleep for us that did it!! Think it began with Mr.WBC commenting that Theoti n BOA make a very cute couple :)

So we were talking about how, in the first six months or so, it’s always about trying to impress the other. I’ve always wondered why. If u wanted someone to like u, or even fall in love with u, how does acting like someone u’re not, help? The guy or the gal in question, may go out with u, but isn’t leading that person on? And as a consequence u end up making compromises even after the first six months of so called courting (eurgh!! I can’t believe I said courting! I need to reassure u that, under normal circumstances, I certainly am not the kinds to use words like that!!!). It is at this point of the discussion that I said, “ If u pretend to be someone else, to make someone fall in love with u, u end up risking either living a lie your entire life, or losing the other person, when he or she realizes that u’re not the person he or she fell in love with.” ( God! My own brilliance surprises me at times!! ;D

It is true right? What’s the point in all that dressing up, and acting nice, pretending to be the Mr. or Miss Ideal?? I think that all those fairy tales, that we were fed while we were kids, lead us to believe that there really is a Prince Charming to rescue us out of the hopless normalcy of our lives. Or a Sleeping beauty who needs u to wake her up inside, and save her from the nothing she’s become ( copyrights still reserved to Evanescence). Or that happily ever after is not possible without these semi divine creatures.

In truth, all we need for that happily ever after is a wee bit of honesty, little love, respect, n lets face it, endless patience and a hell lot of luck!! And this philosophy will save u, not only a lot of heart break but all that money too. But of course, u’d miss out all the fine tuning u get for that admission into the National Institute of Drama!!

Ms. Know-It-All said : So much for sensibility. Hope my Prince Charming comes to know about it!! ;)


ABC said...

hey that must've been reely awesome
y dont u pt up some pics ??

Anonymous said...

Your post reminded me of an Ooty trip we had when I was at college. It was the funniest, most bizarre holiday I ever had. so I thought I'd thank you for reminding me how fun college (and BCM college girls who had co-incidentally landed there that particular weekend) was

BTW, you write well.

Keep well and enjoy yourself :)


Sreejith Narayanan said...

Quite true.

Even I have thought about this quite a lot of times. Earlier, many a times when i go to meet a friend of mine (of the fairer sex of course)I also tries to cover me up. Later on, I realized that it doesn't do any help, in fact it makes matters worse. Its always better to be what I am than pretending to be what I fantacize myself as I am.

Nice Post.

moontalk said...

@ abc
will do as soon as i can lay my hands on them!we were 8 of us n 1 cam...wch we bought from ooty, coz everyone tot some1 else wld get one!
@ raj
hmmm...the trip was bizzare coz of u guys, or the gals???details buddy details...we want all the gory details ;)
@ sree
exactly that point!thanks.
er...so nw u dont try to "cover up" anymore???;)

Anonymous said...

That's not even worthy of a question mark..the trip was bizzare coz of girls of course hhehe I am in lovelyyyyy cochin now... its damn hot but I will miss it soon :(