Sunday, May 27, 2007

No This is Not The New Femina Ad

I refuse to walk with me head bowed down
I refuse to cringe when they throw filth at me
I refuse to be taken advantage of
I refuse to be considered weak
I refuse to stop walking just because I feel faint
I refuse to acknowledge the cretin in this world
I refuse to hate this city because of one creed
I refuse to stop enjoying the rain because of one night
I refuse to avert my eyes from that non-entity's pathetic face
I refuse to yell at those who don't care
I refuse to feel for friends who were not there
I refuse fear
I refuse guilt
I refuse to give up my freedom

I refuse to live my life on any terms other than mine


Tsu said...

and yet you refuse to be...!!!

Sarah said...

"I refuse to live my life on any terms other than mine"..that is very well said..

Anand Sarolkar said...

Easier said than done!

dinner time gyans!!! said...

I was harsh coz I din think wat was right....
I was rude coz I din do wat I should have done...
But I refuse that I don’t care..
Coz I do in my own ways...
Perhaps u will never know and I will never show....

pRicky said...

you are resolute!!!
shoot the creed
or burn them alive!!!

crumbs said...

@ tsu
i also refuse to comment on that :P
at least not in public ;)

@ sarah
hey nice of u to drop by! :)
and thanks

@ anand
sure, but someone's gotta do it right

@ dinner time gyan
smart of you to use my gyan back at me :P i've taught you well my child :P :P

@ prick
say whaaa???
dude honestly, when was the last time you spoke in english that lesser mortals like me understand???

Id it is said...

I loved the 'refusal'!
Perhaps you can coin another such for what you 'embrace'.

Vodka said...

Crumbs!! Found you..

i need to spend more time in blogworld!!

Prude said...

:) Then I wish you a great deal of courage.

danny said...

And i refuse to stop loving ya..He he..Nice stuff babes..

pRicky said...

lesser mortal?
umm ah uh
I dont think I know anyne like that...
it would have been quite awesome if i had though...

crumbs said...

@ id,
yep, i should. pretty soon

@ vodka
er...glad u found me??

@ prude,

Thanks :)

@ danny
right. thanks ;)

@ prick
and u thought u knew me :P