Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tag Thee Well

Gah! I have been tagged. That too by my well-meaning friend Tsu I no, I'm not going to pretend that I did not enjoy this, or try too hard to make it interesting. :P
Let's do this the old fashioned way of "ours is not to question why...."

Rules are (yeah there are rules and rulers and all that):

* Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* People who are tagged need to write posts in their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

So here it is:

1. "Weird" is my most abused word. I use it at least 347 times a day, for everything from the way my boss acts to the colour of that-guy-on-street-with-a-disapproving-look's face when I stuck out my tongue at him for staring. "Weird" is the new "cute" for me...while other gals use "cute" to describe their puppy dog's wagging tail, and their boy friend's antics, I use "weird" with just same the passion. And yes, I have different shades and grades of "Weird". I know...that's weird :P

2. I firmly believe that UFOs are NOT cover-up for the air force's secret mission leaking out, somewhere in this world, there HAS to be a Hogwarts, and that someday machines WILL take over the world. And Oh, I HATE the idea of AI.

3. I can believe in absolutely contradictory things, and not be freaked out by it. Like I believe in love and I believe in arranged marriages, I hate wannabes, but I feel sorry for them. There are times when my mind neatly divides itself into teams and tangents, and then dashes of in different directions, leaving the rest of me to figure out which direction it (the rest of me, that is) should follow, or whether it should follow at all.

4. I often use words that I heard someplace, but I really don't understand the exact meaning of, and get away with it. For example, I do not really know what tangent is doing in that sentence in the previous point, but I bet the life of the ant-running-through-my-desk that it did not seem out of place for you...till you read this that is.

5. I can read Mills and Boon to wash off the aftermath of reading two Ayn Rands in a span of 6 months.

6. I can tell you the color of your dress when I was introduced to you first (that is if I care for you enough) but miserably fail to recall where I left my cell after I attending the call, just five minutes ago.

7. If someone sings a song that I don't like in front of me, or I hear it on the radio, then it gets stuck in my head, and can refuse to leave. I will keep playing in my head, I will unconsciously start humming that song, and then get pissed with myself when I realize what I am doing.(I could NOT get Paris Hilton's Stars are Blind out of my head for THREE days. And I did NOT enjoy it)

8. I feel connections with random story that I read, random movie/soap that I watch when I'm confused. Its like I'm looking for an answer, and then God just slaps it right in front of my nose, because it is that obvious, and I still refuse to see it.

9. I can lose COMPLETE sense of time when I'm doing something I love, I can get throughly lost in a place I don't know, because my sense of direction is PATHETIC. But, BUUT, I will always always find the way too. So don't ask me why you should take a left here and a right there...I can't tell you why, but I can tell you that you need to...just.

And oh they asked only for blogger page just refused to have anything more to do with weirdness. For those who still wanna know about my weirdo-meter, you just have to want for a couple of decades when my complete and unabridged version of my autobiography is out.

Oh, I'm supposed to spread the joy and pass this to 8 more souls. So here goes nothing:

1. Lash...because he would JUST refuse to take this up, or even consider the offer. He would scoff at the futility of this exercise, and how it is beneath his dignity to even consider this. AND now he might just take it up to prove me wrong. (sits back with an accomplished evil grin to see how he reacts ;))

2. Er...Mathew. Because I stole his tag. Or well I said I would. (If you have done this before, too bad, you'll just have to figure 8 more weird facts bout thyself :P)

3. Vodka, because she "found me" and "she needs to spend more time on blogosphere" :P

4. Goldenash...because I just got reminded of her RIGHT now for some inexplicable reason

5. The first person who reads this (every likely he/she is bored too)

6. Anyone born on the 26th of October ( just for the heck of it)

7. Anyone who likes listening to Stars are blind

8. Anyone who uses cute more than twice on a daily basis :P


lash said...

Y cn mk yr st f ssmptns, bt y crtnly plsd m b puttng m nm n tp f tht lst. m kybrd hs bn dsfnctnl fr mny dys nw nd vwls d nt gt prntd fr sm rsn. I cnt wrt wtht vwls nd y cnt rd wtht thm s s th cs hr nw.

wierd? kill your time, figure this out. :)

soothsayer said...

you tagged goldenash....she doesnt exist anymore! just so i dont have to do this all over again! [;)]

Tsu said...

buhuhhahahhaaa... I like the 26th October!!! :)

tis weird huh??!!

vidi said...

Even though the Gods are crazy, even though the stars are blind, if you show me true love baby, I 'll show you mineeeeeeee... la la la..
daimannnn, same addiction to that song that brought out my coolness meter down by a couple of notches!!
I think,,THINK, Paris Hilton is loved by people who are going through Tech-trauma!! :D Not so weird after all!!
Even though the gods are crazy.....

crumbs said...

@ lash
right. i can see that you did fall for the trap

@ soothsayer
ah well my friend, wouldn't the rose mean rose even if i call it champakali? so you can do it again :P

@ tsu

very weird it eess :P

@ Vidi

Thanks man! sometimes i feel you are the only one who can sympathize with me as i recover from post-technology traumatic syndrome
but just FYI...i do NOT like stars are blind. again. sigh!

pRicky said...

so since when is 9=8
and i thought jerk was the most used word in ur vocab...
oh and te word verification is
jewl plj
Read jewel please...

crumbs said...

@ prick,
ah well...since u left the country, weird has replaced jerk at the top :P

mathew said...

thanks for tagging me up..will sure take it up soon..

losing complete sense of time while working on somethin we love..well that aint weird!! ;-P

ഞാന്‍ said...

coming from a faraway place...was tracing back my tags and reached a dead end ...... where is tsu's blog?

Indian Home Maker said...

First time here, reached your blog through Blog Bharti. LOL @sticking your tongue out at a staring man. Reminded me I used to blow my nose, loudly and disgustingly and if that did not stop the stare, immediately proceeded to pick my nose. Worked.