Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm alive. Just in case anyone wondered :)

Like Uncle Osama leaks videos of himself to prove USA has not nailed him yet, this is just to say that I'am not dead, terminally ill, or kidnapped by aliens.

Just on a wonderful break from online civilisation, and plain old lazy.

See ya soon.

Be Good.

Actually, be bad, it's more fun that way ;)



Tsu said...

screw u man!!! U are online dead... one post to say ure alive will get u killed.. Over dramatics on display!!! :) gimme a missed call from Dad's mobile I wil call back.!!! crumbs...

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

hehe.. gosh i'm so drunk and look at me sitting in the office. half sitting, half falling off, actually. monday's when youre here, right?

mathew said...

the song for the moment..
I am alive...Celine Dion!! ;-P

crumbs said...

@ tsu
ujjyo!! relax woman. breath! breath!!
so much violence filled in the young people today i say!!!

@ toothless
wrong.tuesday. and i'm here. and sober up man!

@ mathew
yup that was the one.
now playing back street back alright ;)

Id it is said...

Enjoy the break!
See you soon.