Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I want to be a kid again
To pout my lips and wail
To be lifted up and consoled with reassuring promises of candy and a hug

I want to lie with my arms wide open on the grass
Feel the rain splattering on my face

I want to go jump and splash in a muddy poodle
And feel the water soak into my skin

I want to stare at the night time sky
And see the orion again

I want to stand by the shore
Waves crashing at my feet
And look for that seashell again

I want to talk the night away
And still have more to say

I want to bury my face
And feel safe again

I want to laugh at a sad joke
And cry for it again
Feel free and bound
And then free again

I want to sit by that sidewalk
And watch life passing by

I want my free fall
And I want my security blanket

I want to hold on to everything
And still not cling on to the past

I want to start each day
As though it is the first
And live each day
As though it is the last

I want to grab so much from life
That I feel I can't hold
I want to feel...

Lack of sleep and alcohol makes some people tired. In others, it induces illusions of untapped poetic potential.


Id it is said...

Beautiful reminiscing!
Your poem reminds me of Eliot's poem, and I here's a favorite quote that offers solace to a mnd pining for the past, hehe:

"Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future,
And time future contained in time past.
If all time is eternally present
All time is unredeemable."

Anonymous said...

reclaim your life.. buy a tata safari dicor :)

crumbs said...

@ id,

thanks, i'm quite flattered that you used me and eliot and me in the same sentence :D
i'm not sure if i'm really pining for the past or trying to carry it with me to the future...well might as well take Eliot `'s advice huh??

@ lash
that really gets me at times. and if I had the money for a dicor, yes i'd BE reclaiming my life...and a lot more i suppose :P

Prude said...

:) Start today....Its monsoon ain't it!!

Relive all those crazy childhood Dr. Roy puts it, "it ain't over till its over!!"

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

the good thing about starting over is that you can start from the begining.

i dont understand poetry.

vrinda said...

bloody brillinat...felt like i was readin a poem about wat i often feel....

Me Thinks.. said...

really nice man! so innocent yet so powerful...i like the see life passing by part and the free fall..

i hope u dont sleep for some more time ;)

Tsu said...

the beauty of life.. it allows you to rem the past, gives u the choice to move on or hold on and gives you more of those brilliant memories...

live each day like there is no tomorrow and sleep like tomorrow is christmas!! your present will always be ready when u get up!!!

crumbs said...

@ prude
monsoons in hyd is such a joke :(
but well, it's there though!

@ toothless
good. I don't understand it either ;)

@ vrinda
I guess these are things that everyone feels at least once in live.
and thanks for dropping by :)

@ MT
oh how sweet for you

@ tsu
"your present will always be ready when u get up"
I hope I get my big red wagon :)

wacko said...

I want to bury my face
And feel safe again****

indeed! i remember how i used to dig my face under the bolster and feel so safe and secure...u write well!

Tsu said...

I will give u another 3 worded Profoundity:


har har har... :)

crumbs said...

@ wacko
thanks for dropping by. :)

@ tsu,

er...i got the screwed part :D