Friday, October 26, 2007

Blogs Won't Change the World...So They Said

I just realized that I've been blogging for more than two years now. Which reminds me, Happy Belated Birthday Blog! :)

I remember that extremely bored day in college, when I finally decided to give in, and get me a blog. I say give in, because I had adamantly refused to get one at the time, when it seemed like a fashionable thing to do. The page 3 and the intellectual junkies of our class, suddenly seem to have waken up to this new cool thing to do. Blogging was "in". But me, being the wannabe rebel, refused to get myself one, and the reason I gave myself was that it is something that only those people do, who either have loads of time in their hands, or loads of stuff in their head to clear up. I, don't have the time. Or so I tried to convince myself.

But come September, that pretty much changed. I was jobless, and bored out of my skull. All my friends seemed busy sorting out the messes in their life, and none of them particularly expressed a wish to solicit my help. (ah! now I feel like a wannabe broke writer) So well, the point is, I was had plenty of time, and nothing to do in it.

And thus was born this blog. And so far, its been a good experiment. I like the idea of having the freedom of writing what I want, when I want it. I like the fact that a few (just a few!!) people read what I write, and the fact, that even when they are nameless, faceless, I can still know something about them, they can talk to me, and I, to them. It's a nice feeling.

I made a few good friends; I met, in some sense of the word, a lot of interesting people. I love the serendipity of following a random link in a random blog, and then suddenly finding myself face to face, with what feels like a long lost friend. When I read something someone was posted, and think, "Shit! This looks like she/he is feeling what I felt, thinking what I thought!." When I see someone else's blog, I say, " Hey! This feels like me!"

It amazing, how people can share so much in space where anyone can read them. And, honestly most of them, no, most of us, are not really trying to channel what we can't tell people on the face. I remember this huge row a friend of mine had with this guy, about this. "You can't tell me so you out it on the blog" blah. But the truth is hardly that. Most, I realized have an audience who know their identity, who know where they come from. But still its easier to talk here, than talk to someone in person.

I've had endless debates with a very dear friend who firmly insists that blogs will not change the world. I'm not saying they will. Or that they will be the avant gard soldiers to bring in the revolution that makes this a better place, but then blogs have changed the way the world sees, and the way the world speaks. Millions of people who would never have ever said a thing now have a voice--maybe not a very loud one, but then it still is better than screaming to silence.

Blogs are democracy in its true form--a platform where everyone HAS a chance to speak. How loud you are, and how much you are heard depends on what you have to say, and how you say it. Yes, large part of it is just Pinto, Chinto and Bunty explaining why they prefer to their eggs scrambled and not boiled, but then fact is that if Pinto, Chinto and Bunty choose one day to speak about cruelty to animals, they can. And they will be heard. And that's why, blogs will change the world.


Arun Nandi said...

I don't quite know if there's a way to find out if blogs will ever change the world or not..

But there's something that blogs will make people do: THINK
There are many amongst us that lead lives where their ability to think is dormant. And if one reads a post on a blog that makes them think, there's a small chance they're gonna wake up a slightly different person tomorrow

wacko said...

hmm..well said!
bloggin has done wonders to me yeah hold on tight!
happy bloggin!

Me Thinks.. said...

I second Arun.. I agree that blogs make ppl think if not more. For me its a medium to just write what i want when i want..

Just write...for the love of writing..

PS I never wanted to blog either, simply cos I thought no one will read and what the hell do I write??

vrinda said...

blogs do make u think...and in such a huge cyber space, its always nice to find some one bloggin thoughts which u might have felt too..creates a diff kind of bond..

btw..belated h'bay to ur blog

lemonade said...

random link, random here i am! congrats on two years!! :)

will be back here for more!

crumbs said...

@ arun

True, so if so many people wake up even slightly altered because of what they read, that's a change right?

@ wacko

Thanks :)

@ MT
Hmmm...somehow I never wondered what I'd write about. The problem was where do I begin :D

@ Vrinda

I know, it's like you found a friend in a stranger. Or some such romanticised idea

BTW, blog says thanks ;)

@ lemonade

Ola there! Thanks for dropping by to say hi

Prude said...

Happy blog birthday! Its been a pleasure :)

Id it is said...

Change is the essence of life I'm told, so with or without us bloggers, the world will change anyhow; however, it may not change as meaningfully, hehe.

Why do we need to make a dent? Is it not enough that we've made connections with a diverse set of people through our blog ;something we'd never have accomplished if we'd not entered the blogoshere. If we can make inroads into such a diverse mind pool , we're already making a difference

How do we know said...

will ANYTHING change the world? I love the look and feel of ur blog,and the fact that u r also a Hyderabadi :-)

Tsu said...

happy bloggy day!!! :) I have had great pleasure in reading ure blog and also keeping one up and running (or something to that effect!) Democracy at its best.. and tis only going to get better from here!!!

crumbs said...

@ prude

thank you muchly :)

@ id

it's not much bout a dent I guess, but then you can't deny that it gives one immense satisfaction to think that one is a part of this whole movement towards greater good :D

@ how do we know

Think everything we do, or don't do, does change the world. Even when we refuse to act, change will happen. It's just a matter of giving that a direction I suppose.

Thanks for dropping by. Clarification, I'm not really a Hyderabadi, just a passer-by through the city. :)

@ tsu

tee hee, muchus gracias :)

Bout this getting better, for a person who adamently refused to shift to blogger beta for like ever, that's hopeful ;D

Anonymous said...

Woah! I am the backs! A complete revamp this time.. I hope this continues.. well happy belated birthday to your blog.. Most of things you said applies to all..

mathew said...

well belated birthday greetings..´lot of folks seem to have started blogging the same time..neways i swear that blogging has done a lot good for me..however people call it a waste of time..i cant agree with that..

Anonymous said...

where are u these days
you know who?

Goli said...

I dont know if blogs change the world or not, but blogs can surely help you. These days most of the HR people do look if the person has a blog, heard from them that a blog gives you more positive vibes and increases your chances of getting a good job.

I stumbled on your blog through Prude I guess.

crumbs said...

@ lash

so this is the part of "visit people's blogs so that they visit mine anc comment" campaign huh? :P

@ mathew

I can't agree with that either. If people think it's a waste of time, they are welcome to stay away I suppose!

@ anon
Is that question a literal one or metaphorical?

@ goli

Welcome aboard. :)

Yeah, downside I guess is that a lot of people end up losing their jobs 'coz of the stuff that write on their blogs too. So it really is a double-sided everything else!

Anonymous said...

infact this time this is a 'part of campaign visit' :)