Wednesday, October 03, 2007


A journey back to what I thought I left behind. Almost dawn. Cold. Dark. Unfamiliar station. Yet, the comfort of being close. Trust, that you will be home. And then a familiar voice, concerned, caring. Familiar face. Then that familiar hug. And the warm feeling inside.

The same old jokes, the same old feeling...of knowing, of being a part of a whole. Squeals of delight at the sight of old friends, old past in the new present. My comfort zone.

There is something about can never forget them. You may not remember, not consciously at least. But they are always lurking in some dark corner of your memory. You take one unconscious turn, and they spring up in front you. You smile in recognition, and at the happy realisation that memories will soon follow.

Places. Sights. People. Smiles. Touch. Warmth. Joy. Exhilaration that nothing has changed. Nothing can possibly change in just two months, after all. Was is just two months?

It is nice to know that you belong. Someplace. To someone. Just as they belong to you.

A journey back. After a night spent shivering in the train, I step into the pleasantly warm morning to auto wallas who do not try fleece you. Still, trust is just not there. Relief, yes. But trust? Places, sights, roads, that are only distant acquaintances. Gates, that were not waiting, open for me.

Voices. Smiles. And a hug...not familiar, but still warm. I step into my room. On my messy bed, that sags so much that it's almost a hammock, is my brand new university tee-shirt. My roomie tells me that all of them have got it too. We are official tee-wearing part of this small cozy community.

As I listen to my roomie's happy chatter about the weekend's fun, of now familiar quirks of the now familiar friends, and the you-should-have-been-there-you-missed-so-muchs...I smile. Circles may not be too much fun, but they are a part of life.

This will be home too. Yet.


Anonymous said...

And circles which intersect are even more a part of life.
its about marvel and Dc comic characters having. Its like two globes and different lives but coming around and meeting in a circle

Me Thinks.. said...

Aha! We always manage to finda home away from home, distantly familiar..yet so much more..

and again..

Jacob 'the mallu' Varghese {Jake} said...

nice one..!!

vrinda said...

home is always home.....and i thought i heard someone say they don miss home...there is always something that u miss..perhaps the people, sometimes the paces, or often the smells..if u dont miss home..the place was never 'home' in the first place...

Prude said...

It sure will...adaptibility being our greatest traits!! :)
Good luck!

crumbs said...

@ anon

hey there!

er DC and marvel coming having what?
and intersecting circles...hmmmm...that should be more fun :)

wish you'd leave a name though

@ MT

yeah. I guess it's called survival instinct

@ jake

hey, long time! and thanks! :)

@ virnda some levels all of us are filthy hippocrats da. shrug , and a wink ;)

@ prude

yep. that too. and thanks :)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

and there was no bangalore detour?

Id it is said...

Home is where you make it, regardless of the latitudes and longitudes!
Happy homecoming.

crumbs said...

@ toothless

ermm...there was ONLY a b'lore detaur. it was quite a packed trip, and hence no call. sowy! :(

@ id

sigh! true, doesn't help when you have to shift the latitude every once a while though.
but thanks :)

Tsu said...

Thanks for letting the world know!! I smell reeeaallll good!!! (the sentence was beyond my guts but still I am braving the unknown!!!! ;-)

People we meet are like relatives we have always had. some whom we love meeting, some whom we like meeting sometimes and others we try avoiding. Home nevertheless!!! :)