Friday, September 26, 2008

Life' s a Neurotic Bitch With OCD Issues

Okay. Here's the deal. I'm tired of whining. I'm tired of complaining that nothing is going right. Well, it isn't but heck, life's gotta be a bitch once in a while to feel nice about itself. Sure things are bad, sure people are idiots, sure things could be better, but things will be the way they will be, and people will come around, and see sense, sooner or later.

I have three assignments to submit beginning of next week, each of which require me to read up at least some 500 pages of stuff, and I have not even started. So what am I doing about it? Reading comics online, and blogging. Man, I can't complain now, can I?

This campus can get to your nerves real bad, but I figured I'm stuck here for another six months, so might as well accept the bloody place and move on with my happiness. So I'm taking Lash's advice [I'll probably live to regret admitting this, but well!]

Even if that light at the end of the tunnel is a train, it means end of the darkness, one way or the other. So.

I'm back to sarcasm and permanent poke-fun-at-others-so-that-you-can-feel-nice-about-self bitchiness.

Just so that you know. Cheers!


vrinda said...

only 6 more months crumbs...jsut 6 more :D

Goli said...

Your posts make me very nostalgic, I remember every Monday we used to have engineering drawing class and all Sunday was spent, drawing and drawing, left view, right view, top view etc etc.

sawan said...

what are juniors for?? let them study the subjects in advance.. its a service after all :)

crumbs said...

@ vrinda

ahem, a picture of a certain someone's who has got the last two months violently crossed out in her calander comes to my mind. As you said, only 6 more months...!

@ goli

The good ol' days, huh? What is it about college that makes it all look like sweetness and light once you pass out? =/

@ sawan

I'm not sure what kind of seniors you have, but in here, you get to do your own dirty work. So no hope of squishing 'ickle juniors with your work either!
Oh yeah, one ought to give it to them for the constant entertainment that they unknowingly provide though :D

Velu said...

Whats studies got to do with college?

crumbs said...


depending on what your priorities are, very little, or a hell lot :D
more often that not, it think it's the least not the classroom kind