Friday, October 03, 2008

Minutes of Madness

If I write a message in a tired parchment,
and leave it in a bottle,
will you ever find it, and then,
take me back through the road that leads to today?

If I whisper into the storm,
will you leave a lantern out,
and keep the fire shining
with conversations half-finished?

And if I never say a thing,
will you still assume,
that I still don't care?

And if I scream,
will you ever hear,
the silence that is all around me?

And if you read this,
will you think,
that I'm drunk again?


narendra shenoy said...

Nice poem. Very intense.


vrinda said...

This is really nice!

ScrewDriver said...

yes yes .. you are drunk !
somewhere i have seen through all your posts , you are seeking something .. might be totality ...
would like to find that out

crumbs said...

@ narendra

it's a non-poem =)
but thanks!

@ vrinda

again, thanks =)

@ screwdriver

aren't we all searching for something? I hope it's not totality that I'm searching for [I like to thing of myself as work in progress, but incomplete has some a drab touch to it=/], but yeah, I'd like to find out what I'm searching for too =)

srapri said...

hmm...storms, silences, possibilities and a whole load of existential questions...fits into my idea of romance :)

amritha said...

poem or non poem, the whole thing has a feel to it that i really like

crumbs said...
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crumbs said...

@ srapri
romance? ROMANCE? no one, absolutely no one accuses me of being romantic! =/ :D

@ amritha

Tsu said...

Just when I was enjoying the poem and wondering how you were going to end it.. you ended it! You are drunk!But then I DO think that it will lead you to today!:)

keep poeming!!! Chrs

Id it is said...

The desire to be 'found', despite 'the madness' that engulfs, appears stronger than the need to 'hide' from 'the madness'...

The gradual submission is very well stringed by some apt choice of words and images;'tired parchment' was my favorite!

crumbs said...

@ tsu
non-poeming you mean

@ Id,

why would one hide from the madness? isn't it what makes life? and tired parchment was my favorite too =)

Id it is said...

'hiding' is perhaps never an option but we perceive it to be one, or else why would we not deliver the 'message' instead of 'leaving it in a bottle' for someone to 'find it'?

This game of hide and seek is enchanting and perhaps constitutes 'life'

Anon...let me be... said...

happened to chance upon ur blog.. u r a good writer.. liked ur poem.. esp the imagery that u have used.. very refreshing choice of images n vocabulary... keep up the good work.. cheers!

crumbs said...

wrote a comment only to realise my wonderful connection has failed me again =/ hate retyping. anyways

what you said about the game of hide and seek is true. but don't you think that even there, rather than a perception of hiding as an option, it is the innate need to be found that works? we do not hide with the hope that we will be left hidden for good but with the hope that someone will come looking for we leave clues, for them to find us for us, - "road that leads to today"

@ anon
thanks for dropping by...and for those very sweet words =)

Id it is said...

I am in complete agreement with you on that as Isaid in my earlier comment - "The desire to be 'found', despite 'the madness' that engulfs, appears stronger than the need to 'hide' from 'the madness'..."