Friday, February 17, 2006

Gravity is a Sad Excuse.

Wanted to write...nothing coming outta my head. What ever is flowing, I'm just erasing it after finishing one para...

Dont wanna crib anymore! So wont!

I'm getting in my 'i wanna do a free fall' mode again. Gosh I need to go bungee jumping.

The class sweat shirts after a lot of melodrama, and even more crap, is finally getting done. For all the blah that guys gimme about gals never being able to do anything on time, n anything efficiently, it took a gal to intervene n stop their ego fights from ruining the whole point of a class sweat shirt. Boy! Does the caption seem appropriate or what now? "Don't give us more options, we re already confused" What could be more approprite to the bunch of "holistically perturbed journalists" that we re.

We re left with 3 days of classes. The university took the exam fees, but they still have not woken up to realise that they also need to give us a time table.

Graduation Day looms ahead.

Ma and Cha are here. But they wont be able to come see me graduate.

I have sk the letter he's given me long back (not that long back really, but it does seem long now). Dont ask me why. I don't know. I really dont.

I have not had a real face to face conversation with my best friend since I dont know how long. She's been busy. I, as usual didn't try too hard.I always thought that no matter how much ever we fight, there's nothing that cannot be fixed over cafe frappe'. But this time around when I asked, she had already made plans with someone else. We can always so it some other time rite? Sure. Wonder whether to fight for attention or fight oblivion. Evanesence never made more sense.

My childhood friend is down with chicken pox. Just a day before she was supposed to go to Hydrabad to join Satyam.

And still, my eternal optimistic alter refuses to die a slow death.

Went for my walk in morning as usual. Switched on my radio, n the first song they play is "chukar mere mann ko..." My all time favourite song. God bless radio city.

Then they play "jeene ke ishare mil gaye..." Providence saying,"Get a grip woman, its not like u have to put up with a life without ice cream!"

I know. Those who take life as a rollercoaster need to take down with the up. N yes, down' s faster, but then it also means its takes less time to be done n over with.

Chicken pox is curable. After some 5 years, people wont remember the fight. But they will still have the sweat shirt tucked in some corner of their wardrobe. Coffee Day is still standing strong. I just need to put my foot offer to pay the bill ;). Sk will always remain one on the good friends I had. Past cannot change. N it's not like I'm gonna start studying the day the time table is out. And finally Graduation means I get to show off, and college gives us free food...for once!

U know what? Life's not such a bitch afterall. U just need to change the colour of ur glasses once a while. Get a different coloured view.

Ms. Know-It-All said: "There are no problems in life that cannot be solved with a couple of well placed explosives" Anyone seen my box of RDX?????


Mind Curry said...

lol..that was fun..and hey..i bungee jumped..twice now..and it is one of the most awesome experiences i have had in my life! gives life a totally new perspective!

moontalk said...

hey!show off!!!:(
i have not done it ever!!:(:(:(
need to, and real soon!!!!

Mind Curry said...

hehe..i even got a pic of myself hanging in thin air..planning to blow it up life size.

moontalk said...

yeah yeah yeah!
wen i go, i'll send u a size. hrumpghh!!!

Me Thinks.. said...

this was a nice one! i liked the whole post and not parts like i usually do! good one!!