Thursday, February 23, 2006

Scrap n scroll

Its was almost the end of coll, n scrap books had already started doing rounds, as early as a month ago. I'd convinced myself that, I didn't believe in those. If u need me to write in your scrap book to remember me, then you needn't remember me at all I said. I even refused to write for a coupla guys. Then when everyone kept asking, n some pretended to take offence, I gave up. Strated religiously singing all the scrap books that came my way.

But what can u possibly write for people whom u really don't know? I hate the idea of niceties..."it was great knowing u"," have a brilliant life", "don't forget me", "will miss u", blah blah blah. Never saw the point of it, when u don't mean it. N if u really do, then u dont need to say it.

So initially I wrote an honest sentence...that I really don't know what to write! But then, after writing endless scraps, I still didn't wanna get one of my own, wen Danny came up with this idea. She wanted to jus cut chart paper or some, into bits, n give it to everyone to write, n the bind it or some. It struck a cord in my heart. To add a bit of originality, AND to avoind trouble with copyright violation, I decided to improve upon the idea. Got a bunch of different coloured activity paper (Landmark zindabad), cut them by half, made a box outta an old file...n viola! I had my very own scrap box.

Next day I just handed it out for people to write, as n when they find time. N they stuff they wrote really really caught me by surprise. There were so many who remembered stuff about me, that I myself had long forgotten. I usually pride nyself on remember little things about people, but didn't realise that so many others who did the same about me too :)

And, yes, it was wonerfully funny to read thru it Nandini saying that she remembers me yelling at her in first year while we were working together for an assignment(ooops!!!), but adding that its ok, coz she "probably deserved it", n neways we got an A in that assignment, so cool!! N this from a gal whom everyone in the class complains that she doesnt be with us much.
Or Janani saying that I was one of her 1st roommates (yeah...for like, 3 days in hostel!)...I don't even know when was the last time I actually spoke to her. Or people saying they appreciate me sholdering responsibility in class. Or that I've a cute smile (grin!grin!). Or that I'm actually helpful AND patient (who, me????really???).

So many tiny li'l things...that I'd never realised. Sure there were people, who did actually write things like "miss u, remember me!" blah, but SO MANY who did not. Felt good. REAL good.
Thanks U guys! Over 3 years, we've had our fights, and our differences of opinion, and our li'l skirmishes. But, at the end of those 3 years, these bits of memories remain. Like bits of scrap on the big scrap box of my mind. To the class of 3rd year JPEng....U ROCK!


Nidhi said...

Hey i felt some very different feelings about to write my final papers in couple a days and when i got the 'no dues' signed.. my library card was ceased ..and boy..I felt a lump rise up my throat ..i had never thought that i would feel so emotional and foolish..or not so foolish.

About to complete my education for a while and while i am looking forward to corp life..these days will remain in my heart..

as usual its me said...

I beg to differ.I just wanna get the hell out of here.But its ok moon talk.u know me and u know why i wanna get out of this just lost...wanted to talk to u,but then u took ur not talking....not sure if u remember..i tried yelling and u said u ll teach me how to yell...its ok buddy...u ve been a good buddy and u still are.ur the best buddy...take care

killi said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmm mine enver went around and u better write we n u get it my lover gal............ man i cnt believe its al over

Me Thinks.. said...

were glad to be in now cant get out! i will miss u snehu!! sorry couldnt resist!! he he he