Friday, July 21, 2006

"I like to get drenched in the rain because people don't realise that I'm actually crying.... "
-Charlie Chaplin


you know who said...

i didnt leave someone alone..for that fault you walked out..
now am finding it hard to leave u alone..
as usual,am concerned seeing ur posts this one..
hope everything is alright with u

mathew said...

wow..nice quote!!

pRicky said...

i love rain
its one time which can help u cope with tears and laughs.
seen a lot of his movies have u?
remember cultural analysis?
i beg to differ
what i riot

moontalk said...

yeah, i'm fine.
i kw
:) rain's been a lotta things for me...not seen many movies of jus came to me sometime back, stayed with me
n hw can i forget CA?riot only!

Tsu said...

the sorrow of comedy!!!

Arun Pillai said...

From your recent posts,looks like you are very much in pensive mood ? Let me quickly quote one thing, one will be able to make if your are sad/happy irrespective of your present doings.No rains can protect you from hiding your feelings to a person whose close to you.

Atleast this is what Chrysallis & the kids taught me ...

moontalk said...

@ tsu
wateva that was
@ arun
:) again, i'm fine.
n well, rain had protected me from a lot of things a lot of time. well it may not protect me always, but it has so far right...

actions n words said...

The rain and solitude and tears :) Nothing is more soothing than the rain when you are either happy or sad!

Me Thinks.. said...

i am not a very big fan of rain, but when it helps me camouflage my tears, i dont complain!! Rain and i are not such good friends though..i got that fw from stays..

moontalk said...

@ actions
true...amazing the number reasons why i love the rain
@ me thinks,
yeah i got it from him too.
u gotta feel the rain to love it...but well!cant be explained really