Thursday, January 12, 2006

All my bags are still waiting to be packed!!!

We're gonna be off! Finally after 3 longs years of delibration n consideration, n planning, n unplanning, 3rd JPEng has FINALLY decided to take off to Pondicherry for the weekend!Ye!Ye!Ye!
rite!now that i've given a gud happy start to the story,lemme reveal the swalpa bitter truth!some 20 of us from a class of 51 re taking off!tickets re booked,for us to go, and more importantly come back!AND for us to park our u-know-whats for the one night we re gonna be there! n its gonna be the weirdest bunch of people who re gonna be there...all psychos, all nuts, some with issues to fight out, some dying for the lack of one! oh well! shld be awesome fun...n no i'm NOT kidding!
me has all my friends with mua, except for dear burger, who's refsed to come claiming "personal reasons". yeah yeah danny, we all knw how "personal" that is!or shld i say who is???;) wish u cld come da!
evil plans to get certain unsuspecting souls drunk are already on the blue print of some diabolic minds...while certain others are all set to get drunk n settle some old scores...hmmm...need to watch wat i sip!but then, aint i one with the conspirators???
so ppl!will tell ya all the gory details upone return!wish me bon voyage!!!


Sreejith Narayanan said...

tats good.. pondy is a great place to go to.. bon voyage! and try going to mahabalipuram as well if u see this comment before u go :P

Anonymous said...

good..i hope while am typing this comment here,u must be executing ur plan...hope ur having lots of fun with ur fellow consipirators;-)
as usual me

burger.. said...

lifes all about weird surprises and weirder reasons for those.but the best bit is that the weirdest is still to come..... weird heh..i love ya di ....weirdly but truly madly deeply

Sreejith Narayanan said...

and how was the trip?

moontalk said...

trip was weird!will put up details on next post!

Anonymous said...

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