Saturday, January 07, 2006

To ALL...with love!

So!Another year ended, and another year started! A friend asked, "Do u even feel that it's a new year?" the answer honestly, i realised is no. does it really make any diffrence if it's now 06 in the dateline instead of 05??? life will go on as it did yeaterday. and the day before.
But i guess i'm gonna see quite a few changes on '06 for sure, and funnily enough, so will most people i know, it seems.
so this post is for all those wonderful people in my life!hope the new year's filled with exciting challenges n delightful changes!:)

-> to my acha n ma...cha's retiring, and for a person who's as hardworking n committed as he's this will be a boring change. hope u find something that appeals to u, n will keep u happily busy cha.

ma...coz she's always been cha's partner in every crime... his feelings, his tensions are more hers than his :)

a couple whose relationship, n love for each other i respect and envy more than anyother in the entire world. glad u've each other ma n acha!i love u both so much!

-> to my bro...he's the most amazing guy i know. hope all his dreams find reality this year. there are few people who deserve a beautiful happy life more than him, God. Cheta, u're the best!

-> to amazing gal! my best friend. my worst critic. my wonder wall. hope u find what u want AND what u need buddy!

-> to divya first EVER best friend. with marriage on the cards, hope u do get a guy who folds up his newspaper neatly once he's done reading :)

-> to dilip cheta...a beautifully happy future to u n ur anu!!!

-> to dannyboy...may Midday AND The Hindu fight for u. n a certain wish comes true...UNQUESTIONABLY!

-> to dear buddy from school days, who keeps popping in n out of my life. hope ur attempts to start from the 'top of the ladder' meet considerably more amounts of success!;)

-> to killikins...para-psychology calling!this time around, i'll ask the souls in purgatory to pray for u instead(cheeky grin!)

->to susha...madam legally brunette blond (!). stay just as cute in westminster!!!

->to of the nicest people i know giving up direction for sports psychology???hey who's gonna cast me in the lead in the movie then?:( u'll be the best in watever u do mate!

->to chuchu(ponderer??)...ok i dont know what u want anymore, but i hope u do get it :) .be happy...u deserve to be.

->to boms...good luck with the double MA n IAS buddyboy!never ever tell my mom bout it!phew!u never cease to amaze me with the amount of work u can one like ya...stay the same!

-> and finally, n of course most importantly, me! i hope i find some clarity in my life(that i've been hoping for the past 3 years...maybe i'll be 4th time lucky, wats the harm in hoping?), and i hope i get a job, AND the courage to be on my own in a big bad beautiful world


P.s. from Ms.Know-it-all: ->To GOD...good luck with the nutters of ur world! :)


Anonymous said...

Did you expect this comment?

burger said...

life s all about beautiful blogs and even more beautiful comments.... lets live it up!!!!!!!!

moontalk said...

if u re who i think u re i expected a longer comment!
life's all bout putting up wid ur dear lovely friend's lame attempts at humour too ;)

Anonymous said...

hi..i think u think i am the anonymous commentor of ur sorry its not me...
and yeah ms know it have always done things ur why do u want to wish that u be independent in this beautiful bad world?
and its fun if u dont have any clarity some singer/philosopher said..some great people at 40 didnt know what to do with their life nor did some interesting people at 60..
just enjoy
as usual
its me
( yep its me)

moontalk said...

okie!apparently anonymous is not who i tot he was!so well, no anon i didnt expect that that i've told u that,care to tell me y i sld be expecting the commemt, if i shld be that is!???