Tuesday, January 17, 2006

stirred but not shaken!

so! i'm back from pondi. in one piece..lil broken here n there but, essentially together still!
i really dunno what to say bout it actually. it was kinda what i expected it to be...weird. not much of an 'adventure' but i guess we used up all of our share of the adventure in getting into the bus to pondi itself. woah man! some advebture that was too!

18 of us, at the KSRTC bus stand. frankie has all our tickets, n at 9.45 p.m., the dude's still 'stuck intraffic'. so we all got jus a wee bit worried. but annavaru(copyrights to nikki!) came at last. now jus wen we thought all our problems were solved, we were told they had jus begun.
so problem no. 2: none of us had no clue where exactly the bus came...the bus stop is a HUGE affair! so wat do we do? all of us wait at one spot while gud ol' frankie runs round he place trying to figure out. once a while, we run from behind him. finally after some 20 odd minutes of chaos n utter confusion n jammed networks n frank getting lost every other min, we come to knw that the bus's actually at the other end of the stand, n we've all of 10 mins to get there. RUUUNNN!!!! imagine the sight- 18 of us, with all our bags n baggage, running across the bus station like a coupla crazy maniacs. oh lord! the ones at the back cldnt see the ones in front, all of us terribly scared that we'll either be lost, or will miss the bus! ah but we did get there eventually...someone upstairs musta felt pity on our plight!

the trip was kinda standing proof for murphy's law. never realised that there are somany ways things an go wrong!

so here are the weird tit-bit tales for those 2 fateful days!

=shyam...the 'star' of the trip!he held up his hand, so that we cld see which direction to run at the bus stop...follow the guiding star!

=reaching at pondi, n suddenly having no place to stay! rocky beach n a pay n use loo to save the day. with cute french guys around no one complained!

=finally finding a place 8 kms away...n wat place! a wooden shack made on four pillars...tree house of sorts. sexy! so no one belts frank. hats off instead dude!

=hitting the beach in the morn, hittin the beach in the nite, hitting the beach again the next morn, AND again in the eve...basically two days we did nothing but be on the beach. did i hear anyone complain but???

=half a night spend on the beach...full moon, stars, cool wind, high tide, n waves kissing my feet...a sea that's so much fun n playful....now thats how i define HEAVEN!!

=certain scandalous pics being taken!mangal pandey istyle scenes on the beach...well well for the fear of libel n defamation, i shall keep the fine details to myself!;0

=tsu who discovered that she has a future in paparazzi journalism waitin for her!

=to boms, who was NOT drunk, who DID NOT get a high, n who DID NOT want to catch a live ostrich from the sea. boy! he was jus too cute! hilarious!

=to nets, who actually got high on tomatoes! can bad food n cranky mood effect ur head???

=food that SUCKED, n aunty (the caretakers wife), who gave our hungry souls salvation with the most devine dosas n puris :)

=to santosh checking out guys...for tsu of course! excuses! excuses!

=to neha, staying awake till 5 in the morn to bachaofy her guy's nnanam n maanam! oh lord hilarious!!!

=to sady, for lying still for i dunno how long, coz she cldnt turn the other way for certain undisclosable reasons!

=to frank n rads n santosh...who spent the nite on the beach for the lack of space to sleep! poor things!

=to the unindentified good samaritan who switched off the fan in our cottage, sometime early the morn, when all of us were dying of cold, but were too lazy to get up!

=to the cute foreigner, who folded his hands n a cute namaste when he crossed my path in my early morn walk in beach

=to the lady who was picking up the trash from the beach...jus coz she loved the beach n wanted it to be clean for others

=falling off the cycle some 3 diffrent times, but still managing to ride it!ha!determination!(well, n getting hurt, AND infecting the wound, AND 2 drips to the doc, getting yelled by tsu, my folks, my bro AND my bro's friend for being careless with the wound :( )


R M said...

oh my God.that seems exciting.to be frank i never been on such trips,yep not even one.i always wished i could,with just few friend,possibly a long trip on my bike.but it never happened.here too we are planning something of that sorts,but nothing works out.you know sometimes i feel just get ur close friends and just leave,the others are too insignificant to be taken along.they say they are coming,then they say they r not,if they come they ll complain...but to be honest,i enjoyed reading ur post.more than that it made me feel i actually lost something during the time i should have undertaken such trips.ah being in the same city as ur parents,being a dayscholar,i got something,so i missed something too...laws of nature...
did this unorganized comment affect the beauty of ur post moontalk?
as usual me

moontalk said...

my post is too beautiful for any thing to spoil it buddy boy!(wink n a very cheeky grin!!) ;)

Tsu said...

ah loved the post and y da hell wer u not very happy about it??? kinda sounds like me!!! mayb thts y! heheh now did i spoil the post??? hehehe

moontalk said...

nope lady.the post's still too beautiful to be spoilt ;)
n have u never heard of the term fishing for compliments????