Sunday, January 22, 2006


this is it. our last communiquere. our last DC. 3 years 3 years....
it was at communiquere 2003 that we first went on stage for dc. 5 mins b4 regisration closed we hadnt even decided that we'll go. we were not even a team. n then we were on stage. we even did good. sailed thru the prelims. all of a sudden, we were a team. me, tsu, n sady.' the instincts'. we had friends cheering for us. it felt gud. we even had a fighting chance of winning. that was b4 we were disqualified in the last round. sady got a li'l over excited n forgot that u were supposed to keep ur mouth shut while miming. well, for a person for whom keeping her mouth shut is the wrost form of torture, well cant blame her. real dumb-dumb-see!
well i dunno how many dcs we've lost since then. actualy i do. all. but we went to every single one since then. me,tsu,sady. n the managers! n we had awesome fun. atleast in the beginning. the endless practices that i used to drag those 2 into. sady got pretty bored pretty soon. tsu lasted a bit more :) but my enthusiasm never faded.
but we had fun all the while. ass we liked it! it used to be quite hilarious. we'd get he most difficult things. we got 'abyss'. we couldnt get 'contact'. we NEVER got casa blanca. we always found serendipity! sady drew a cycle to show 'greece' (!). tsu cld ve kill us for not getting material girl. hey!we got circle of life didnt we!?
communiqure 2006. day 1. we lost our second last dc. didnt even make it to the finals. tsu was upset.
communiqure 2006. day 2. our second last dc. n my team ditched me.
tsu came n asked me if its ok if she goes wit san n sush for this one. i said yes . was it ok? no, it wasnt. was i hurt? yes i was .3 years we had been a team. our last chance. we may not have made it.but then we wld not have made it together. tsu told me later that she wanted to win...or atleast try to. for me, it dc was not jst another competetion. it was something that we did together. it meant that we understood what the other was trying to say. even wen they didnt open their mouths. it was bout us being friends. us connecting.
well, i was upset. but as usual, my pride n my ego stopped me from showing it.
then bhavna asked me to join wid them. i refused even before she actually asked. i dint wanna go without my team. but then i did. my last dc. i wanted to go. wat the heck. jus coz we re not going together, i didnt wanna miss it. sady said they asked her too. but she said she didnt wanna ditch me n go. i appreciate that sadz. n i really wish we cld go together.
honestly speaking, i dint expect to have much fun wid bhavna n vidz.afterall we went against them for a gud 3 years. but then i did. infact i had awesome fun! we made thru the prelims...jus barely! n then wat followed was quite simply hilarious!
we took like half a minute t0 get 'impotence' in the 'bumper sticker round'..."screw? screw! oh u've not been screwed? virgin! its virgin! oh its i guy??? wat do u call a guy who's a virgin??? its still virgin!there's no other word woman!!! aaarrrgh! oh u cant screw...oh!oh!shit! its impotent!impotent! impotency? ok impotence!" oh lord!!! u shld ve seen the way vidz struggled to act it out! hw i wish i cld ve taped it n put it up here! she all but showed the finger to the 2 of us for taking that long! outrageously HILARIOUS! everyone was in splits.
then the second word was 'god'...suddenly i realised i kw this one! i got all excited! vidz got all excited! bhavna got all exicted "i kw this one! impotence is god's way of saying something...aaarg wat thing? i cant get it! oh oh! impotence is god's way of saying no hard feelings!!!!" yippee!!! me n bhavna, thus narrowly missed getting murdered by vidz, who in the celebration that we got it, forgot that we took almost half the time to get the first word! man! it was jus out of the world fun!
the lyric round were we almost got the song...wld ve if it didnt take us like 1 min to get 'hero'...we went as far as justice league! vidz had to go thru the nike adline 'jst do it' for us to get 'doing'(she cld ve jst refered us to the bumper sticker round ;)!) world trade center got us 'trade'. i had a 'total recall' in the last minute! bhavna forgot wat vidz's fav buk'l women...nw i will never forget!
we cld ve won...almost! but then this team from mounts came n literally sang their way to the first place. we came third. good enough. i had fun doing dc like never'd ve been ok even if we didnt place.
strange the way things turn out isn't it? the one time we won, was the one time i went without my team. one time i had the most amazin fun was wen i tot i'd be miserable. weird me n a funny world.
ms.know-it-all said: maybe this was god's way of saying no hard feelings!


rocksea said...

sneha, suggestion. caps n line breaks n paragraphs will increase readability.

moontalk said...

thanks roxy!
actually i realsed hw unreadable that last post was wen i went back n looked at it after reading ur comment.
the prob's that i'm really really lazy n my typing speed's nothing to write home about!so!
but will make the changes. :)

moi said...

did they get you trade your heros for ghosts..... never heard of the lyrics before and never will forget now... nor the bubper sticker!!!! virgin man????
and don worry, both the times i won dc was wen it was outside my team... feels strange and yet it all fits.. thanks da

moontalk said...

weird but both the times i won was wen it was outside my tean too...n in communiquere...last yr, wen sadz cldnt make it coz of fever...twas anu, me n netz that time round.
guess that's y they say life's like that :)

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!