Saturday, August 12, 2006

All in a Week's Work

The week just ended.

And what a week!]

I got my first pay cheque. * finally! something that I really did earn.*

I pledged my eyes. *now I can live on forever. in parts. right!*

My boss decides to quit the job she's been at, and loved for the past 4 years. For another one that pays double the money. *wow. will I have to wait that long?*

I joined a month ago, am still learning the ropes. I still am a bit lost. N now my mentor, so as to speak, quits. *how could she?*

I decided to stay on, tackle the work head on. So I've to learn faster. But it'd be more fun. *aint I such a fighter*

As I said, all in one happy week's work. Seven days. World does a turn around 7 times. *SO?*


monu said...

"I got my first pay cheque"

so when is the party!!!!!!!!

moontalk said...

@ monu

*chicken little voice* "who we talking bout??"

Me Thinks.. said...

i will have to wait a year for first pay check! well written!

moontalk said...

@ me thinks
ha!:D but then when u'll be earning, i'd be going back to coll! so!!!

Challiyan said...

butterflies are not lazy! they live a very short life, but they make it worthwhile, colourful. I think you are not that. If you are lazy you can never be a butterfly!