Friday, August 04, 2006

All In a Day's Work- Episode I

Heard in the offices of a very enterprising event management company, in a very enterprising city.

Caramel Custard: "Finally! I got him!"

Alge Eyes: "Sure he's dead?"

CC: " I'm feeling all guilty bout it. What if he's married? What if he came out to fetch lunch for his wife??? What if she's pregnant??? What if they have twins? Gulp!! I orphaned them da! How will they survive??"

ME: "Sigh! CC, they will just drink ur own blood to suvive. And when they do that, we'll just squish them too. Or maybe now that you've killed the dad, the pregnant female will just committ suicide out of sorrow and save you the trouble. Don't give it another thought. After all, who's gonna miss a mosquito???"

PS. This post was so long due. Joined work a month ago, and since then, crazy conversations keep happening. Guess my worthy crazy collegues deserve a proper introduction. Well! Next post!!


pRicky said...

and we thought u guys were managers.
i wonder

Me Thinks.. said...

so thats what u ve been busy with! couselling mosquito killers!! good job!

moontalk said...

@ pricky
yeah i thought so too :D
@me thinks
ah well!its better than counselling a lot of other people i tell u! atleast, this wont come back to bit my ass!!! :P

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

i actually thought the talk was about a dog picked up for castration..
(* our local street romeo was, just the other day.)
so, the talk was about mosquitoes.. good good.. i should be paying more attention.. , or do you suggest mentos? :P

moontalk said...

@ toothless
u think that will help??mentose i mean...cold be a irrivocabale manufacturing defect you knw :P ,:P