Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm SO lazy! I'm SO lazy!

Height of laziness is what the last post was! SO I deleted it. It was irritating to see something like that on my blog! Not that I dont have anything to write about, there's plenty of stuff, as always, running through my head. But well, its quite simply is laziness. Pure undiluted laziness

Sigh! May be its the strain of turning 21 (yeah right!!). Or maybe it's just that there is so much indecision around me that I'm not quite sure what take precedence over the other. Sigh again!

Independance Day today. I woke up at 5.30 a.m, after sleeping at 2.00 in the night. Went to the station to see off a friend. Waited with 2 others, for another friend. This time, she was getting me goodies from home. Had breakfast at the railway station with 2 people I love spending time with. Got back, slept till a health 11.30 am. The got up, and rushed for work. It's 8 in the evening, and I'm still at work. I always said we were a dedicated bunch in office , didn't I? :)

This took me 2 days, and 3 sittings to finish it.

But this is what I pretty much what I wanted. Hardwork. Busy schedules. Being so caught up with stuff that my stupid over-working mind doesn't get the opportunity to work me into psychosis!

So well, this is great. It's not perfect. Life never is. But this is just right. It's wonderful! :)

Current mood? Contentenment! Uneasy, but happy!

P.S. I don't think I can ever be happy if I'm not busy. Well, not that I dont like a break, I do! When it is well deserved. When I have worked for it. Like today!


Tsu said...

joy of being in work and being lazy!!! love the breakfasht too... :)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

hah hah hah.. so am i..
back from a vacation in the hills. :)

check out the snaps at

cheap self promotion, but i'm shameless, no? :P

mathew said...

It happens with every!!!

I say laziness is a virtue!!! ;)

moontalk said...

@ tsu
oh yeah!!the post began as something, took a complete u-turn in between, n then crazy!sigh!i think my blog as a mind of its own, so do my post!!

@ toothless
that's not only shameless self promotion, it's also shocking rubbing-it-in! talk bout vacation in hills when me poor me is suffering in b'lore. do thou not have an iota of empathy towards thy fellow homo sapein??? :P

@ mathew
couldn agree more!i'm SUCH a virtuous person u kw :D

pRicky said...

ahaha! quite the parrot our dear monntalk eh?

moontalk said...

@ pricky
n welcome back.been a while since i heard from u

you know who said...

I think you have changed your number.Tried to call you to wish you birthday,but number is not a valid no,thats the msg i got..

I am so lazy I am so lazy..lazy to open my mail and mail you

and with respect to your previous post..i have quit my job...
so my no will change soon and we both can drift to oblivion ( is the word right?)

you know who said...

Belated but many many happy returns of the day..
Hope you had a blast..and like always,you got ur share of "you know what'

vibhor said...

hi dear..
its not always work that keeps you happy..there are lots many things in life..
just enjoys it..

moontalk said...

@ you know who
yeah...i'm using my old number again.the one u said u knew off heart.
n yeah...oblivion is the word.
n thanks.
hey!my works makes me pretty much very happy!i enjoy my job, n wen u get paid to party, its not that bad u kw :D