Thursday, February 22, 2007

Glass is Half Full. So Who Drank the Other Half??

Today I read a comment on a friend's blog that honestly baffled me. "It is just sad.that in this 21st century stuff like this is still happening. people are suffering and willing to give their lives for others."
again, HUH????

I really couldn't understand what this person was trying to say really. As far as I know noone had ever predicted that in 21st century all things nasty will miraculously evaporate, to be replaced by all things sweetness and light. Or did she mean that it's surprising that even in this mean 21st century, people still suffer and give their lives for others? What, has the world become such a depressingly apathetic place, that you can't care, you are just supposed to be bothered with only yourself and your immediate world?

Perhaps I am over reacting to what might have just a carelessly nonchalant statement. Maybe she just said something for the heck of putting up a comment, but such attitude somehow irks me. I fan never been such a big fan of doomsday theories, and the life-is-so-futile-world-is-so-bad philosophies. I mean yeah okay, I ponder over the greater meaning of life, the purpose of existence, the certainity of death and all that- when I'm depressed and extremely jobless(or is it that I get extremely depressed because I think about all this??Man!!This could be the next big thing after the hen-or-chicken story).
Somehow the thing is, for all the mood swings I have and all the tantrums I throw, I reckon, I intrinsically am a die hard optimist. Deep down, that is. I like to dream. Even if the dreams are impossible ones. I think even that has a high- thinking impossible thoughts.

And resultantly(gosh, now I feel like a Economics text book), I feel there is always hope for this world. I mean, bad and all that is fine, but I still think that human beings, as a race, still stand a chance. Maybe its a very naive take to be taking (is that right language?can u take a take??). But it keeps me sane.

Denial. It was created for a reason. Might as well accept that.

Crap. I began with something and ended with something. In Tsu's famous words, (I'm quoting you a bit too much don't you think??) "I lost my thought"



PritS said...

"Always inculcate hope. It is the only saving grace of failure." - Prahlad Kakkar

Thats all I can say.

pRicky said...

Taketo be taking???
The purpose of greater value of life???
You do all of those??? and that too cause u dont think 21st century not being a utopian century???
dear moontalk... any century due to waht prits say is hope is thougth to be the answer to all questions raised in the last...
no naivity involved... human we still are u see...

moontalk said...

@ prits
hope can be a li'l more that saving grace for failure dont u think?

@ prick
say waaa????
can u please put that in english for those of us who dont understand pricke!!!!

Tsu said...

i guess the gal ure talkin about might have been in a depressed state when she had written somethin like tat... quoting my frnds famous words" there should be some sort of consistency in what people say"

pRicky said...

you really want me to repeat that???

Prude said...

Ummm...I'll agree with you. Theres always an upside. there are ups and downs and slants and then all the things that inspire disgust and hopelessness in the world...but there is always reason to feel inspired, motivated and hopeful. Answers to many questions from both end of the spectrums we don't know...but why not tilt towards the more optimistic end...I mean we have only life to live and mankind did make it all the way up to the 21st century!! :)

PritS said...

"Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness."
~ The Architect in "The Matrix Reloaded"

Another one.

PritS said...

Ok in my words. "Hopes is all what I have. Everything else depend upon hopes and dreams."

mathew said...

but i believe there should be some people who think like this as well..We do need some ocassional pessimist jaunts to get us thinking...

ofcoz we have no choice but to be optimist when all the pins are down!! :-P

Id it is said...

WE have made much progress, afterall we're not still hanging from trees are we? hehe

Hope is, I believe, the breath of success; keep breathing it.

moontalk said...

@ tsu
i'm quoting u quoting someone else :D

anyways, cant understand where consistency comes to the pic

@ prick
actually on second thoughts, not really. i can hardly understand u anyways :P

@ prude,
yep i think that the fact that we made it this far itself is an achievement to celebrate! :D

@ prits

er...glad u had ur own version of affairs out finally :D

@ mathew

point! guess it really should take all kinds to make this world.

@ id

breathing, breathing!
just that some of us seem to be doing it only coz of the ventilators!

Lisa Francisco said...

First, Thanks for passing by my little blog site and commenting. It means alot actually...really!

Second, it's not wrong to think that the human race has a chance....that there is positivity...that there is an upside.... All it means is that you are human. Thinking negatively does not mean you're human and you see the world more accurately. You need to see both because the world, humanity, is made of both. One can not exist without the other. We can never fully appreciate positivity without understanding the negative and vice versa. The problem is that the world at times seems to be governed by negativity and it will need people like you to help balance it out. To make it whole again.


pRicky said...

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I love it absolutely
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moontalk said...

@ lisa
wow, that was sweet :) "it will need people like you to help balance it out. To make it whole again" do keep feeding my ego, it does wonders in keeping the optimism high ;)

@ prick,
dude man, these day everything i do seems to be "bloody amazing" to u. this is just ctrl C + ctrlV job mate, chill!

Titash Roy said...

The thought is something I appreciate with all my heart!jir