Saturday, February 03, 2007

Someone Please Tell Her She's In Love!

Statutory Warning: Lots of giggleing and Girl Talk ahead. Thou are warned. Proceed at your own Peril

Conversation had over gtalk. Undisclosed time, undisclosed location, and definitely undisclosed her. This is a work of fiction. But then what fiction is afterall a mere shadow of reality. Any resemblence to any person dead is absolutely unintentional. The living, of course is a different matter. All the author wishes to say is conveyed in one Cranberries' song- In Your Head!:P

Her: i have been meanin to talk to u for eons man

Me: eons and all huh


jus read ur mail

certified!u re in love

no two ways about it gurl

Her: i cant be

thats it

i have to get outta it

Me: lady, y working so hard to get outta it before u even fell into it completely

Her: cuz i dont wanna fall in to it

he is not that type

Me: hmmmm

cant believe we re having this conversation

i mean i can believe we are having this conversation, but somehow we BOTH seem to be on the wrong side

Her: ?


Me: u re saying things that i said for 3 freakkin years n i'm saying what u said for three freakkin years!!!!

Her: true

i mean we should stop takin each other very seriously

what do u say

Me: when did the world do this flip thingy??no one told me!!!!

Her: he he he

he he he it jus happened

Me: seriously man

now i'm freakking out

Her: y

what's up

Me: do u reckon i changed way too much after u left?

last time u told me that, n i ve been thinking of that ever since


Her: not much

i like u this way

Me: yeah?shit man

this way is whc way???

Her: the lighter side of moontalk

lil optimistic about love


Me: tee hee

ah well

Her: :)

ha har har

why are u blushing man


Me: hey!

who said anything bout blushing???

Her: he he he

i figured

...(means there's stuff that you dont need to know)

*Now begins the real Story*

Her: shit man

he gives so many signs

this guy

Me: hmmm

Her: stufid boys

Me: tee hee

so y dont u ask him

Her: no

Me: that i'll knock the stuffing outta him


Her: that will kinda complicate things

he he he

Me: then u can say u were bluffing

Her: i am not doing it anymore

he he he

he is a very

Me: :D add a li'l insult to injury


Her: so mean!!!

Me: he's a very?

Her: hmm he cannot express himself

what he feels

Me: hmmm

Her: in words

he hesistates

Me: want me to talk to him and giv him some tips


i can do that for u

Her:he he he

naa thanks

Her: but then he tries so hard and tells me certain things


Her: this is endearing


very very

Me: wat certain things will that be????


Her: we were



Me: wat happened to "protect urself" n "he's not my type" and "naaaahhh"

Her: he he he

Me: WOMAN!!!who u kidding??????

Her: he he he

no da

once i asked


what if u like someon

he said he wont tell her and if he keeps quiet it will go away after sometime

so if he is actually talkin to me thins much i am sure he doesnt have tht feeeling for me u know

Me: and u started believing wats guys say bout their feelings since when????

Her: he he he

good pooint

Me: c'mon da!if he likes u, he's hardly gonna answer that question honstly

Her: no we were having a real serious conv that day

Me: i mean, we re talking GUYS and FEELINGS here

Her: he he heh

Me: uh hmmm

Her: ure so cute yea moontalk

Me: oy!!

Her: full emotions coming out

Me: lets not deviate here okay!!!

Her: he he he

na i like the deviation


Me: yeah yeah

from him being "endearing" i ve become "cute"

Her: yeah yeah yea


Me: lowve!lowve!lowve!!!!

thats wat this is all bout

Her: na

Me: u dont use language like that otherwise!!!!

Her: :(

excuse me


i use cute and all

endearin new word learnt today

i used it in a sentence

Me: i'm sure if u learn flibertigibet today u'd use that in the next given opportunity too


he he he :)

Me: yeah yeah

Her: i could go on talkin about him



*yep, she's not in love. Absolutely NOT*

*Now, whats the point of having friends if you can't blackmail them bout their love lifes???*

Me: u kw wat, i'm gonna post this on the blog and send him the link


Her: pode

no no

these guys are stupid

i knw

Me: muahahahahahahahaha

Her:no da

thats it

i stop here

i have made a decision

and this is not like any stupid ones

Me: yep

u re afterall a strong independant woman *she is, she really is*

Her: i am gonna give life a chancebut this whole thin g is that


i am seriously saying

Me: okay okay

Her: :) ;-/

Me: seriously say

Her: podi


i don wanto get in to anymore messes where i have NO SAY

what shit yea

sometimes i need to be in the place wher i can take decisions na

i mean

Me: dude da, not gonna happen

all said n done u will feel just what u don wanna feel

Her: podai

tch tch


Me: see if tch tch worked, then i'd be falling in love with someone else na

y am i bother bout this sad chap who perhaps more fucked up in the head than i am???

Her: hehehe

cuz ure stupid

Me: yeah okay then!!!

n what ar u????

Her: he he he

Her: my point exactly


Her: grrr

i dunno

il tke it as it comes i guess

Me: go with the flow huh?

Her: hhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

i wanto make noises

that icant type

Me: okay....(ermmmm...wat was I supposed to say to that???!!!)

Her: ye!!!

Me: u kw that sentence came out all weird right


Her: nothing kinky

Her: yeah


Me: !!!



*and thus spake the wise one*


still kids we all are!

Me: tee hee


its all about relative maturity for the momment i guess

Her: yeah


i guess for every age we will be young

Me: oh my

there's a thought!


Her: he he he

Me: need to leave now

late already

(And then in typical gal fashion, we proceed to talk for another 20 mins, before I finally got my sorry ass outta the office!

Now, I'm gonna go underground for about 4 years so that the lady in question cannot hunt me down and chop me into tiny li'l pieces of vulture dinner. Ta People! Pray for my soul. And please, tell her she's in love!)


pRicky said...

ill let her know asap... dont u worry!!!
U r in love... YIPEEE!!!
cant stop talking about him can u???
oh my god dont bat ur eyelashes so damn much;-)
I am oing to be killed to i know...
And i herd this before... HAHAH

Tsu said...

he he he good post and now that uve told the whole world(also that prick!!!) life is effectively ruined!!!
after this everyone is going to think 2ce b4 talkin...
someone told me that they hesitate talkin to me cuz i write it all in my blloggg... baaaahhh!!! humbug! :P